Remote Learning & Distance Conference Solution

نظام البث المباشر للدروس اليومية والمحاضرات والتسجيل بهدف بث محتوي تعليمي من المدرسة أو الجامعة أو المؤتمر من خلال مصادر البث المتاخة في المكان يمكن او يصل لعدة مصادر متنوعة معا وبثها مباشرة عن بعد الى الطلاب أو المشاركين في الجانب الأخر. سيتمكن الطلاب والمشاركين من المتابعة المباشرة وتلقي الدروس والمحتوي التعليمي ببساطة من خلال الأجهزة المتاحة لديهم ( تابلت - لابتوب - كمبيوتر - تلفاز )... يمكن البث للمحتوي التعليمي مستخدما أربعة مصادر معا .. واستخدام نظام الاعداد المسبق المونتاج للبث المباشر أو التسجيل للبث لا حقا.

Mini HD max is an all-in-one solution with 7 inch touch screen. It is for live streaming& recording synchronically. Support inputs are HDMI devices, RTSP protocol (IP camera, H.264 decoder...) recorded files and more mini HD max. Final PGM output can select 4 of them at the most. Quick preview and switch the PGM on the screen. Enable users to watch lectures, speech, TV show, training, and meeting over the internet via YouTube, WOWZA, Adobe, U Stream, FB, etc. Auto FTP uploading allows users access to the recorded files after the events flexibly and freely. Widely applied in most of occasions such as campus, live training, remote meeting, live ball game and so on.


Home Study*

Distance Learning *

Distance Meeting*

Integration solution of remote learning& multimedia control


Lock Mode

Lock the screen by just one click to avoid mis-operation.

High Compatibility with MP4 output

Output MP4 files are highly compatible with current players.

Support standard RTSP protocol devices

Allow connect IP cameras, h. 264 decoder or other RTSP input as sources.

Auto and regular uploading to FTP

Set automatic or regular uploading to FTP server after recording in advance.

User management& special effect

User account and password setting to reach different authorization log in mode.

Special effects like inert logo and transition.

WEB control (Optional)

Administrators can remote control of mini HD max at the same time by WEB based platform without OS limitation

Synchronic Live Streaming& Recording

Live streaming (RTMP& TS supported) & recording four inputs, two HDMI inputs (1920*1080), streaming and one recorded file.

Easy Operation& Carry

Portable design with 7 inch touch panel and activate by simple touch of Live, Record, Play, Layout switch and so on. Easy to demonstrate and carry.

Auto& Manual Switch Layout

Automatically or manually switch the layouts (PIP/POP/FULL) while recording& streaming.

Real-time PGM preview

Users can preview the final PGM output on the device or output to big screen. 

Quick switch the output to operation interface or final PGM by two clicks.

Multi-Platforms for live streaming

Support live signals to different RTMP streaming platform such as USTREAM, WOWZA, Adobe (FMS), YouTube, Facebook and so on