Non-PC based Language Training System DTSII

معامل اللغات سوفت وير

DTSII Language lab

نظام DTS2 ، من معامل الصوتيات اللغوية القوية التي لا تقوم على نظام الكمبيوتر Non computer based ، يساعد الطلاب في اكتساب المهارات اللغوية والاستماع والتحدث والقراءة والكتابة بيسر تام وكفاءه، يحتوي النظام على العديد من الاختبارات الورقية والشفوية مع الدرجات التلقائية التي يتم حفظها وتصحيحها تلقائيا في جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بالمعلم على الفور.

شاهد كتالوج وتفاصيل هذا الطراز

وحدة الطالب الصوتية
وحدة الطالب الصوتية DTSII

التدريب على المهارات الأساسية : التحدث - الاستماع - الكتابة - القراءة

Group Discussion

نظام المجموعات
Oral Recording
تسجيل أصوات الطلاب

VSCP(Variable Speed With Constant Pitch)

Students can practice speaking skills by recording. Fast or slower audio speed with the same pitch for students to adjust by their levels.
Student Demonstration
Teacher can freely choose 1-4 students to demonstrate
الطالب القائد

Oral Exam

الاختبارات الشفهية
DTS2 will record the student’s answers and save the data as wav files. Files will be collected automatically to teacher’s PC

Audio On Demand

التعلم الذاتي
Enable students access assigned database by USB. (mp3, txt, wav, etc.)

 Teaching:Multiple & flexible ways such as demo, dialogue, monitor in the classrooms.

•   Student Demonstration:Maximum 4 appointed students demonstrate to the whole class.

•   Dialogue:Dialogue with appointed student(s) without disturbance.

•   Monitor:Monitor students’ conversation without interrupting.

   Simultaneous Interpretation:Maximum 4 appointed students do the interpretation simultaneously.

•   Dictation:Type down the heard audio files that teacher assigned for students.

   Multi-Channel:Up to 8 channels of audio files to allow students access freely or accordingly.

   Group:2/3/4 students as a group or by teacher’s assignment for discussion.

   Exam:Various paperiess & oral exams with auto-grading & saving in teacher’s PC instantly.

   Quiz:Instant pop quiz for students’ answer A~E or orally.

   Self-Study:Enables students access the assigned database freely.

   IP Phone:Student can call each other for oral practice.

   A-B repeat:Set certain segment to review for students.

   SP Function:Review audio files by different mode SP/SSP/SPSP. (Sentence/Pause)

   VSCP:(Variable Speed with Constant Pitch) Speed adjusting (faster/slower) of audio to fit students learning condition.

   E-board:Import teaching materials and send messages to students.

   Live recording:Live record the courses into teacher’s PC as audio files.